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MicroDOT Identification Solutions

Brush-wand dispenser


Your security isn't complete unless your assets are able to be identified
What are MicroDOTS?

MicroDOTS are tiny metallic particles that are chemically etched with a unique identification code. All MicroDOTS within an individual kit have the same unique code; each MicroDOT kit has a different unique code. MicroDOTS are nearly invisible to the naked eye and can be read with a simple hand-held magnifier of 60x or higher.

What is the unique code used for?

​​​​​​​​​​The unique code is registered against the owner of the MicroDOT kit. The code provides a direct link between the owner of the kit and the assets to which the MicroDOTS are applied. When applied to items of value, MicroDOTS are used to provide irrefutable proof of ownership via the unique code on each MicroDOT.

How are MicroDOTS applied?

MicroDOTS are immersed in either a water-based or solvent-based adhesive, depending upon the application. They are applied with a brush-wand applicator (similar to a pen) or with a pressure-pak spray can, also depending upon the particular application. Normally, several MicroDOTS are applied with each brush-stroke or spray, and items are often marked in more than one location. So, any single item may contain hundreds or even thousands of MicroDOTS.  Full application instructions are included with each kit.

Can MicroDOTS be removed from an item?

​​​​​​​​​​Once the adhesive is fully cured, MicroDOTS can only be removed by an abrasive material such as a scalpel, knife, sandpaper or heavy acid.  These actions will most certainly damage the item, rendering its resale value for a thief, minimal. And because a single item may contain many MicroDOTS, a thief can never be sure he has removed all the MicroDOTS – And, Police only need to find and read a single MicroDOT to identify the rightful owner.

How do MicroDOTS work in deterring theft?

MicroDOTS provide proof of ownership of an item. In association with warning signs, warning labels and item stickers, would-be criminals are deterred in knowing items are marked for Police identification. No criminal wants to be caught with identifiable items that can place them at the scene of the crime. MicroDOTS are so small, they are very difficult to find, and it’s almost impossible to remove all of them from an item.  So, items protected by MicroDOTS are better left alone by a would-be thief.

What can I apply MicroDOTS to?

MicroDOTS can be applied to almost any item of value, real or intrinsic.


In the home, MicroDOTS are normally applied to items of value such as audio-visual equipment, PC's, Laptops, iPads, jewellery, family heirlooms, collectibles, vintage wine, mobile phones, electronic games, paintings, framed photos, prints, appliances, golf clubs, specialist sporting equipment, bicycles, power tools, hand tools, garden equipment, pool equipment, bbq's and outdoor furniture. 

For many businesses, tools, plant, macinery and equipment are common items on which to apply MicroDOTS.  In addition, PC's, Laptops, iPads, other computer equipment, artworks, mobile phones and memorabilia are commonly marked with MicroDOTS.

Power companies often use MicroDOTS to mark copper and other sem-precious metal assets in power sub-stations, depots, workshops and service vehicles.

Individual kits are available to mark cars, motorcycles, boats, jet ski's and RV's/caravans.  


Custom kits can be put together for any specific need.

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