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Authentication Solutions

Authentication needs unique identification for irrefutable proof of ownership

One of the most significant issues faced by a brand owner is counterfeit or piracy.  In fact, today’s global financial system bears the staggering statistic of $650 billion worth of goods bought and sold through the black market every year – clothing, medicine, cosmetics, fashion accessories, toys and electronic goods being just the tip of this disastrous iceberg.  A company risks a great deal more than just a few dollars if they don’t take immediate steps to control this ever-present menace.

While offshore manufacturing costs might be significantly lower, brand owners are faced by the challenges of decentralised operations, unregulated third-party activity and tampered product sales.

Market globalisation, the Internet and rapid technological advancements have made it easier for pirates to take advantage of established international brands – entering the supply chain at manufacturing and retail phases to offload their fraudulent merchandise, while undercutting and compromising the integrity of genuine brands.

MicroDOT partners with apparel and luxury brands to develop innovative overt and covert security systems for their individual protection needs.  Speak to us about a fully customised authentication and identification solution for your brand.  Our technologists and designers liaise with your creative team to seamlessly integrate a premium brand protection system to your existing manufacturing and retailing methods.

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