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Frequently Asked Questions - Black Knight GPS Trackers

What is Black Knight Global Tracking Systems?


It is the smallest, simplest, truly global GPS security solution in existence.  Connect it, register/activate it - and you're away!  Providing a choice of connectivity options, the Black Global Tracking Systems pack includes the tiny Black Knight GPS tracking device + accessories, the free Black Knight App (for real-time multi-platform tracking on the go) and all the instructions you need.

And what's so special about the Black Knight tracker?


25g and not much bigger than a box of matches? Hide the Black Knight almost anywhere where the sun don’t (or does) shine. Global connectivity with no hidden charges. Free global coverage in all major countries in the world. No SIM card - most trackers connect using a regular phone-style SIM card that can easily be removed, replaced or reassigned. Black Knight doesn’t have that problem, making it the most secure and simple tracker on the market.

How do I switch on my Black Knight?

Just simply connect to a permanent power source, using the cable and following the instructions in the kit. Once powered up, and the device senses movement, LED lights will appear in the pinholes indicating power and communication with GPS satellites & telecommunication towers.

What do the little colored lights mean?

The blue light indicates GPS satellite connection, the green light indicates telecommunications tower connection, and the red light indicates power is present. To begin with, all will flash brightly, searching for a connection to their respective "partners". On successful connection the lights will stay on. After a short time, to assist a covert installation, all lights will turn off but the unit will remain connected.

Where do I put my Black Knight?

Install it in a hidden, dry place. You should avoid exposure to moisture, intense heat, direct sun or electro-magnetic interference.

How do I activate my Black Knight?

Just click on the "Activate/Register" button on the web-site at, and follow the steps!

How does Black Knight tracking work?

Your Black Knight will remain “asleep” unless the movement sensor is triggered. When there’s movement you’ll immediately see the device moving on your screen in real time, with an accuracy of approximately 15 metres with good signal connections.

Can I track using my Smartphone?

Yes - it’s probably the easiest and most convenient way to track your Black Knight. Get your free Black Knight App for Android (via the Google Play store) or for iPhone (from the App Store).  Or, use your Smartphone to download your App direct from Once you’ve downloaded the App, enter your 10-digit tracker ID number & your registration password, and you’re away.

What is my ID Number?

It’s the unique 10 digit “ID” number on the back of your Black Knight tracker. It’s also on the Registration Card inside the box and listed on the sticker on the side of your packaging box. You’ll need to enter this ID number for both the online activation and for using the App.

What is my Connectivity Period?

That’s the period of connectivity time you choose during the Registration./Activation process - that your Black Knight will remain connected via the global telecommunications network. This can be monthly or annually in advance. When you approach the end of your Connectivity Period Black Knight will get in touch to ensure your tracking remains uninterrupted!

What is a Geofence?

Think of it as a virtual security alarm protecting your asset. Once your vehicle has stopped, you can turn your Geofence ON. If your Black Knight moves outside of this area, it will send you a push-notification to your Smartphone and also an e-mail alert to your registered e-mail address. You can choose how big the Geofence is but for practical reasons, we recommend a 500m Geofence is set. Use it wherever your vehicle is parked for any period of time.

How does Black Knight send alerts?

If Black Knight breaches your Geofence, you’ll receive a push notification alert to your Smartphone - but only if you have the Black Knight App installed. You will also receive an e-mail alert to your registered e-mail address.  You may also receive handy e-mail alerts for power disconnection or overspeeding, which can set via in your Registration account.

How can I change my settings?

Once you’ve signed in to your on-line Registration account, choose Settings and follow the prompts.

My car/bike/boat has been stolen and there's a Black Knight in it - what do I do?

Call Police and inform them immediately that you are tracking your stolen vehicle via a Black Knight GPS Tracker. Black Knight is an invaluable tool for immediate police response, making recoveries and arrests easier than ever before.

The grandparents are going on a driving safari - can the whole family track their daily progress?

Absolutely. Once you’ve registered and activated the device, simply share the Registration e-mail address (login) and password with your family members who you would like to allow to track your progress. Just keep in mind that to track "live", the unit must have both telecommunications and satellite connections - remote areas will most likely not have either or both of these.

Do I ever need to "Reset" my Black Knight?

Like some mobile phones, on very rare occasions, a Black Knight may "lose" itself and not be able to recover.  If that happens, it may be necessary to reset the unit.  If so, simply unplug the unit from its power source, wait 30 seconds and re-plug it again - this will reset the unit. This should only be done at the direction of a support Consultant.

What's the accuracy of Black Knight?

Black Knight generally has an accuracy of 15 metres, where it has strong signals from both telecommunication towers and GPS satellites.

Will Black Knight interfere with my vehicle's electronics system?

Black Knight will not interfere with the complex electronics found in modern vehicles, such as the vehicle’s management system, on-board computers or mission critical (safety) computers.

What happens to Black Knight if I sell my vehicle?

That’s entirely up to you. You may sell the vehicle with the “added value” of Black Knight protection, instructing the new owner how to use the tracking system including changing name, password and details on the Settings page. Like any transaction, as long as you and the new owner have a satisfactory written agreement of the “handover”, you will be protected in case of future fraudulent misuse. Alternatively, you can simply remove your Black Knight and re-install it elsewhere.  If it is too difficult to remove the cabling with the Black Knight, new cables can be purchased for the new install.

What is the Registration Card for? 

Keep your Registration Card in a safe place to present to police in case of theft. Once you register and activate your Black Knight, the system automatically logs your ID code at the same time, giving you an additional record of irrefutable proof of ownership.

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