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GPS Tracker Troubleshooting

I can't see my tracker on the map

  • Your tracker needs to be registered and activated before it will connect to the telecommunication and satellite networks.

  • Your tracker will revert to “sleep mode” to conserve power, unless it senses movement.

  • Are you underground, in a concrete parking station or in the middle of nowhere? Just like a mobile phone, Black Knight works with both telecommunications towers and satellites, and sometimes gets confused when it can't find them!            


The line on my tracking page is zig-zagging or showing straight lines

  • Signal dropouts and location inaccuracies may be caused by tunnels, high-rise buildings, hilly terrain, electro-magnetic interference, high heat exposure to the tracker and even unfavorable climatic conditions.

  • After a temporary signal dropout, Black Knight will draw a straight line (or a disconnected line) from it’s last signal (point A) to the newest connection point (point B).

  • Natural satellite movement can occasionally cause "static shifting", which typically shows as zig-zag lines on the map. This is where your tracker has lost satellite connection and normally resolves itself with tracker movement and normal re-calibration.


Why is my Black Knight still not connecting?

  • Like a mobile phone, Black Knight may not connect inside concrete buildings, parking stations, within hilly terrain or where the tracker is exposed to extreme heat, electro-magnetic interference or in unfavorable climatic conditions. 

  • It may also remain in 'sleep' mode until it senses movement.

What do the little colored lights mean?

  • Blue indicates satellite connection, orange means telecommunication connection and red means the power supply is connected. All lights will flash brightly while searching for connection.  Upon successful connection the lights will stay on permanently for a time, then turn off to improve the covert nature of the tracking device.

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