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GPS Trackers

Black Knight GPS Trackers

You love it - so make sure you know where it is!  Black Knight design innovative miniature GPS devices that are simple, powerful and able to be hidden almost anywhere.  Track in real-time, view playback data for any period up to previous 12 months, set anti-theft alerts and more.  With Black Knight, you’ll always know where your loved one is!

There are 2 models of the Black Knight GPS Trackers.  The Z3 model is a hardwired version needing only power and earth connections to operate.  Because it is so small, it is easily hidden within the car, motorcycle, boat or other asset it is installed upon.  The X3 model plugs into a vehicles OBDII port, the port used for On Board Diagnostics by service technicians. 


Both Black Knight models are sleek, small, powerful & versatile.  Once connected, your Black Knight will update its position every 15 seconds, reporting your vehicle’s location 24/7.


Unsurpassed Tracking Performance

  • Real-time tracking via Smartphone, iPad, Tablet or PC

  • 12 months travel history through Playback

  • Fleet management option within standard software

  • Geofence feature - alert to mobile and e-mail if breached

  • Power disconnect feature - alert to mobile and e-mail if disconnected from unit’s power source

  • Speed limit feature - alert to mobile and e-mail if exceeded

  • Compact size - 69mm x 35mm x 12mm (Z3)

  • Easy installation - power & earth only required for Z3; OBDII port used for X3

  • Quick registration and activation

  • Low-cost fixed monthly or yearly connectivity

  • Instant global roaming (conditions may apply)


Recommended Retail (both models) - $350 +GST

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