Brush-wand Containing uniquely coded MicroDOTS, immersed in UV-fluorescing adhesive.

MicroDOT Marine Kit

  • 1 x Brush-wand containing uniquely coded MicroDOTS, immersed in UV-fluorescing water-based adhesive. Estimated 120+  applications possible.

    2 x Warning Labels A6, for use at boat entry points/doors, designed to be visible from jettys or when boat is on trailer. Ultra-bond, Reflective.


    6 x Warning Labels 120mm x 35mm, for application to windows, boat fixtures and/or to larger items. Ultra-bond Reflective.


    50 x Warning Stickers 25mm X 15mm for application to marked items. Ultra-bond Laminated.


    Registration Card showing unique PIN code, Wand Application Instructions, FAQ, & other documentation.

© Copyright MicroDOT Pty Ltd

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